Hi, Conrad here! 👋

I'm an entrepreneur passionate about building high-impact tech solutions to benefit the global community. My greatest joy is in empowering talented and goal-oriented people to deliver extraordinary results in a short amount of time. I help individuals and companies turn tedious tasks into fun and engaging quests that build skills and visually track progress towards goals and measurable results. 🚀

Let's Level Up Together 👊

I'm a creator that is endlessly passionate on finding new ways to tackle everyday challenges and unleashing breakthroughs. With a decade of experience growing and managing multi-million dollar businesses, coupled with an educational background in neuroscience and psychology, I have a keen understanding of how our brains work, and how to hack it to do what we want.

I help entrepreneurs, students, and second winders level up their systems, mindsets, and productivity, so they can focus on what matters. Having spent the past decade between Toronto, Vancouver, and Singapore; I've had the opportunity to learn from established thinkers and doers spanning numerous disciplines. From managing your day-to-day to tracking your big insights and ideas, I've helped thousands follow through on big, long-term goals by helping you build your own effective personal & business management systems.

If you are looking for a life coach, systems to level up your life and your business, steps to build your own community, and more - get in touch with me with the link below! 👇

Are you a creative, student, or second winder? I love co-creating and sharing with our thousand strong family equally passionate about tackling global challenges and unleashing breakthroughs through co-creation, collaboration, and community.

Conrad Lin