Let's Explore The Unknown Together

📅 2020-Oct-04

Our lives are a constant balancing act between order and chaos. 

What does this statement mean? I've been a big fan of Dr. Jordan Peterson's message in his entertaining and enlightening self-help manual - 12 Rules For Life and ever since I walked into his classroom at the University of Toronto where I was studying Neuroscience and Psychology.

Dr. Peterson explains order as the realm of social structure, explored territory, and familiarity. In essence, it is all that is predictable. It gives us stability and offers us comfort.


“Order is not enough. You can’t just be stable, and secure, and unchanging, because there are still vital and important new things to be learned."

So, to foster personal growth, to learn something new - we need to have a healthy relationship with chaos. It is where, or when something unexpected happens. It is uncertain, adventurous, and a source of discomfort.

"Nonetheless, chaos can be too much. You can’t long tolerate being swamped and overwhelmed beyond your capacity to cope while you are learning what you still need to know. Thus, you need to place one foot in what you have mastered and understood and the other in what you are currently exploring and mastering."

Everyone has their own balance between order and chaos. I believe it's a function of nature and nurture; our innate desire for adventure vs risk tolerance from a result of our life experiences; when we've been burned once, we often hesitate to try again.

Entrepreneurs and creatives generally have a penchant for chaos. You can almost imagine us as the adventurers leaving the safety of the cave to find fire and bring back the benefits to the tribe.

Personally, this is my life's mission - to venture out and explore as many ways as possible to solve daily challenges to bring back interesting and useful tools for my family, friends, and community to enjoy.

"Then you have positioned yourself where the terror of existence is under control and you are secure, but where you are also alert and engaged. That is where there is something new to master and some way that you can be improved. That is where meaning is to be found.”

My biggest desire is to help our community of co-creators and collaborators to be more comfortable with discomfort - to the point where we actively seek discomfort. To do that, we want to give you the support you need while you embark on your adventures to ground you and know that you are not exploring alone.

One way that we support our community is through our World Bosses initiative. It's been a HUGE idea that I've need nurturing for the longest time - how can we enable everybody who is building solutions alone, to share their problem statement and solutions they're working on so we can pitch in as a community to solve a global challenge.

This offers our family countless opportunities to:

  1. Collaborate with like-minded people who feel the pain of the same problems;
  2. Co-create meaningful solutions together that benefit a global audience;
  3. Get early feedback and adoption from a community who cares about the work you are doing.

This is the best way I have found to nurture our collective desires to be helpful and give towards meaningful projects and leverage the knowledge and action learned from the community to create positive change in the world.

Every explorer needs a travel companion, and we're equipping you with all the tools necessary to have a successful adventure.

We couldn't have done this without our wonderful patrons whose continuous engagement and support make it possible for us to continuously innovate. Your support means the world to us and keeps us going. Thank you!

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