Delivering value through good content

πŸ“… 2020-Jan-26

I'm a creator that's passionate about sharing innovative ways to think about and tackle everyday challenges, and to date, I've mostly done that offline in personal conversations or group events.

With some encouragement from friends and family, I recently started a Youtube channel to share my ideas with the intention of building up a community of like-minded thinkers.

After picking up some popularity, and lots of positive feedback from the community (thank you! β™₯) I started experiencing small doubts that held me back from fully engaging. I started asking myself:

  • What if my content is not valuable enough? There is so much content available online, that it will take me many lifetimes to consume it all. Why should I add my own opinions to this well-saturated market?
  • What if my content has a negative impact, attracting haters? I'm very careful when I share ideas in person, and use visual/verbal cues to help me deliver my message gently and efficiently.
  • What if my content generates a perception that I am distracted from my work? I have many external stakeholders who are invested in my business success. How can I demonstrate that I am dedicated and putting in my full effort - while simultaneously sharing my learnings with the world?

After many days of reflection and analyzing the above points, I came up with the following counter-points:

  • By defining my content niche, my unique content will fall into the hands of those who resonate with it the most. The internet also enables me to test ideas with small pieces of content first, before committing to larger content pieces. Likes, shares, and comments can guide me to understand what types of content are most valued by my community.
  • Every public figure has the potential to attract irrational haters. It is important to build up a positive community that will defend ideas that matter, and if a minority of fixed-mindset thinkers want to disrupt that, then my efforts can be better spent nurturing the positive growth-minded community.
  • Learning in public enables me to validate my ideas faster. As my content is focused on productivity and growth, successfully showcasing how it works in practice in my life and business is inherently valuable for both my business stakeholders and the Co-x3 community.
  • Finally, I was encouraged by this post from Derek Sivers, where he shared that things that seem obvious to you, may not be obvious to everyone else - and without sharing, that piece of knowledge could be lost. Thus, it is always more valuable to share than not.


So, for 2020 - this is my resolve. I will be clear about who should be following my content - so I can deliver the most value to those who need it the most.

My content will revolve around productivity, learning, and growth. I look to inspire fellow growth-minded thinkers to join me in a community of co-creation and collaboration.

  • Co-x3 subscribers will receive an exclusive link to our discord community - a space where we hold friendly debates and discussions on all topics growth, and collaborate on our latest innovative projects.
  • If you're interested in frameworks to being highly efficient, check out our exclusive Co-x3 community notion templates.
  • Subscribers will enjoy weekly newsletters on major updates (template releases, guides, etc.), honest sharing, and meaningful content.
  • Videos with interesting and innovative content like this will be released once every month (to be upgraded to once every two weeks if we hit 100 patrons!)

Finally - let's have fun! I often over-engineer solutions to problems, because I like to test the limits of whatever tools I am working with, to achieve the most significant outcomes.

If you'd like to be part of the creative process and upgrade your support for the community - we have just released 3 tiers of paid support. We share unique and interesting content freely, but with your support, we can release quality content regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters who identify strongly with our mission.

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